Industries in Thailand are fast growing at present. A lot of investment have been put up by both domestic and international resources in order to keep abeast with the development of industries. Having envisaged the significance of fundamental support to industrial developments

       We , M.I. HIGHTECH CO., LTD., are aiming to lay firm foundation to industries with our responsible works. we give attention to all minor details of our work to provide the neat and efficient outcome for the customers. we are pround of our group of experiental engineers and hard working technicians that we could provide customers our better service.

       Our responsible services cover these following fields :

Machanical Works:

   1. Forming high precision machinery and automotive parts using CNC machines
   2. Forming Machine parts using Lathe, Milling, Grinding, Drilling machine.
   3. Machines and equipments assembly and installation.
   4. Ventilation and ducting.
   5. Steel Fabrication and sheet metal work.
   6. Insulation.
   7. Wire Cutting and Laser Cutting.
   8. Die Casting.
  10. Machine and equipment repairing and refurblishing.

Civil Works:

    1. Factory, warehouse building.
    2. Steel structure fabrication and erection at site.
    3. Siding and roofing work.

      we are always success and proud of our complishment. Satisfying customer needs and expectations to maximize extensive ranges of product, installing service, design and techincal assitance.

      Delivering all products and services on time where they are needed and in desired quantity is one of our challenges that M.I. meets on the daily basis for every customer. high quality employees and levels backed by in-depth knownledge of the business. These structures, of different sizes, offer our customers the combination of high powered logistic systems, information technologies and distributing infrastructures that need to be succeed in their own business.

      We wish that we will have opportunity to serve you with our better service in this near future.


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